7 Best File Sharing and Storage PHP Scripts😀

If you planning to build a file-sharing and file storage Hosting SAAS platform with features like (PPD, PPS, FTP, Torrents, API) and many more Features and plugins to stand out from others

online you have 100+ PHP scripts that give you this functionality but most of them are full of bugs and may problems with that script. I found 7 awesome PHP scripts That Help you to Build a professional File sharing website.

Gating traffic is so easy with this kind of website but you need to boost your website in first plush for initial traffic to build popularity file downloadable websites like (Movie, Mode+Apk, ….) Website to get 1M+ visits for FREE🤑

XFileSharing Pro SibSoft’s file-sharing script

XFileSharing Pro is a very powerful and advanced file-sharing script used by 1000+ websites. This script getting 1B+ website traffic online. You can monetize this website easily by showing ADs on your website or you can sell premium storage access with 40+ payment plugins.

You can get more audience with PPD (pay per download), PPS (pay per sale), Affiliate system, and Country-Specific Rewards with many more systems you can attract users to use your website. you can use multiple servers on one website, FTP upload system, WebDAV access, API system, and many more cool features😎

XFileSharing Pro has 25+ plugins

  • PPD/PPS plugin
  • FTP upload support plugin
  • Torrand Download plugin
  • Country band, Server GeoIP targeting upload
  • FTP Buckup system
  • File encryption
  • CDN support to speed up your website
  • Add user on moderation
  • Data Archive
  • Resell membership

YetiShare: A ready-made file Hosting website

YetiShare is also a popular and powerful PHP script to share and host files and websites. it is a ready-made file Hosting website with a PHP script and multiple themes that you can use or customize by a developer.

This script uses over 3000+ websites and gating 900M+ website traffic with monetizing by Google Ads or other ad networks and selling services like a (SAAS) business model.

YetiShare Has 50+ payment plugins to sell premium memberships or storage and give API support.

YetiShare also have 15+ plugin like

  • PPD/PPS plugin
  • Midea player plugin
  • image, document, video viewer and play plugin
  • mobile and desktop app Buld
  • FTP upload support plugin
  • voucher/offer coupon plugin
  • Resell plugin
  • Torrand Download plugin
  • Country band, GO targeting upload
  • newsletter plugin and much more Support

Filebob – File Sharing And Storage Platform

Filebob New and (SAAS) ready platform to build a file-downloading and File hosting professional website at low and Fast. This PHP script sells 300+ times on Envato codecanyon. This PHP script gating 200M+ website traffic by 300+ customer online.

We have in build 3 cloud Storage (Amazon S3, Wasabi, Backblaze B2) to Host files fixable online and 3+ payment gateway to make your business (SAAS)

on the plugin system, we don’t get that many addons but it has 5+ plugins for using Cloud platforms like

  • Contabo Object Storage
  • Cloudflare R2 Storage
  • Digitalocean Spaces
  • Storj Cloud Object Storage
  • Idrive E2 Cloud Storage

Veno File Manager – host and share files

Veno File Manager is plugged & play File Manager to use like (Google Drive, Mega) and many more simple file managers and share download links online. You can add users or Register users online by email easily.

This PHP script Sell 3200+ times on Envato codecanyon 🤑

It is a useful PHP script to make You’re on Drive used as a File manager and make a Download link.


  • Multilanguage (20+ included)
  • RTL support
  • Translations editor
  • 30+ skins included
  • Custom E-Mail HTML templates

BeDrive – File Sharing and Cloud Storage

BeDrive is also a very popular PHP script to Host files and make a download link to use websites or share with users easily and fast Download. This PHP script is also like (Google Drive and Mega).

In this PHP script Users can register and By a premium plan like a (SAAS) business or use it for free with see Google ADs or any other ad network online and monetize the site.

This PHP script sell 3100+ times in the Envato codecanyon market 🤑

on storage sites, we can use Amazon S3, DigitalOcean, Dropbox Storage

Droppy – Online file transfer and sharing

Droppy is a simple file-sharing PHP script where a user can upload a file and make a download link or send the file via email it can be his or another else. on monetization, we can use 2 different Adsense ads or any other ads to make money.

Droppy script sell 100+ times in the Envato codecanyon market 🤑

In this script, we can play a video or open an image without downloading them. also, upload multiple files with the drag-and-drop feature on the website.

on the storage site we can use AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Wasabi, Backblaze B2, Digitalocean Spaces, and many more S3-supported endpoints!

uCloud – File Hosting Script

uCloud PHP script is also popular in building a Drive(Google Drive, Mega) and hosting files online by making folders and categorizing them easily on the website. This is use full for a small business owner or Freelancer online.

on the storage site, we can use  Amazon S3 Storage, Rackspace, BackBlaze, and Wasabi to store Deta.

Users can log in via Google, Facebook, Twitter, or email password and we get SHA256 & PBKDF2 key encryption on our account also, we get many other features in the script.

What is best for you 😅

You can find php scripts easily online like them but they do not work easily some are buggy and sometimes they crash your website in a second.

You want to make a PPD (pay-per-download) website and get millions of traffic

  • XFileSharing
  • YetiShare

You want to make that user can just upload and download files online

  • Filebob
  • YetiShare
  • XFileSharing

You want to use it like a Drive (Google Dive, Mega)

  • Veno File Manager
  • BeDrive
  • Droppy
  • uCloud
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